A fledgling brewery finding its wings


The Beers available from Black Mill

Dead Bob

4.4% – A smooth and complex stout with hints of dark chocolate aroma

Black Gold

4.2% – A precious golden ale, light floral and hoppy.

Black Mill Bitter

3.6% – The very best of a ‘Best Bitter’ light in colour and classic in taste wil leave you wanting more!

About Black Mill

Black Mill Brewery, a new brewery for the people of Beverley. The Brewery is still very much in its infancy of beer production and with help from our established brewing friends we have been able to get our beers on the bar! Over the next few months our plan is to move operations to the town once we have funds secured and a home for the brewery. We will be launching opportunities for people to get involved in the new year so you can help in Beverley's most exciting brewing adventure!


The Famous Brewery Cat! Keeping a watchful eye over operations and inspiration for many a brew to come…
Bob likes milk


The Brewery Sherpa… If there’s some hard grafting to be done Harv’s your man! and at the end of the day a pint of Gold really hits the spot!


New brews, collaborations and a secret love of Shirley Bassey… Spok (The Thinker) is the real brains behind the operation.
Quite a big thinker

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